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Fabrica tu propia escultura (Make your own sculpture)
Pencil and color pencil on paper
70 x 50 cm
Fabrication kit:
Print on paper, plastic bag, felt, paint, latex, cotton thread, needle
32 x 50 cm
2014 – 2016

In this project, I chose to play with a form of illustrated text with which most adults are intimately familiar: assembly instructions. While such instructions are intended to reproduce an object ad infinitum, in this case, every aspect of the proposal has been designed in such a way that any possibility of reproduction would fail. The instructions become instead a mystery, a puzzle that can’t be solved. Rather than providing a functional purpose, they illustrate an impossible and impractical object. Thus, in this case, process becomes product, and the text and drawings, handcrafted, symbolically negate the idea of reproduction.


In another way, this project is an opportunity to reflect on the idea of contemporary sculpture. By using a fabrication model supposedly alien to the sculpture world, we wish to emphasize at the same time the evolution of an art that not only tends to erase the boundaries between artistic disciplines and often integrate non-artistic fields, but also transforms the work of art into an object of consumption.

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