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Tango  is an installation created during the pandemic, result from a dialogue between Nathalie Rey and Enric Maurí, which led to the creation of the "Atlantis" project, winner of one of the REDDIS awards, presented in January 2021 at Reus Reading Center.

This dialogue was established from two different situations, one in the city (Nathalie) and the other in the countryside (Enric).

We could say that the work connects two architectural typologies: what is most characteristic in urban areas, namely apartment buildings, represented in this case with concrete blocks casted from bricks and jars of yoghurt, and the ephemeral architecture of orchards, represented by a row of reed. The piece is an allegory of the resurgence of nature, as happened during the pandemic, when human beings reduce their activity and animals and flora invaded the cities. It also points out the importance of the countryside, not only as a source of food production, but also as a place to live in the event of a collapse.

In fact, this experience of isolation or lock down has been for many the opportunity to think back on their relationship with nature and arouse a desire to live closer to it.

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