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In the series "Fukushima" (2016), Nathalie Rey deals with the nuclear disaster caused by the earthquake and tsunami of Tōhoku on March 11, 2011 in Japan. The 13 drawings incorporate stuffed animals that belonged to Rey’s sisters when they were little, which accentuate the magnitude of the tragedy by introducing the contrast of human vulnerability. She introduces the concept of innocence, fragility and helplessness before the force of nature and the nuclear accident, but also in relation to how the radioactive leakage was treated informatively based on minimizing its effects, while also showing how vulnerable and manipulable we are in relation to the media. By introducing the idea of fragility, the artist faces the tragedy of human history from the only way that is bearable for her, namely innocence, which nevertheless rises here as a resilient and denouncing look at the state of things, decisions made and how they are managed and communicated.

Stickers’ album (Fukushima)

Kit with album, 4 envelopes with stickers, instructions

Print on paper and self-adhesive paper

Kit 18 x 27 cm

Unfolded album 68 x 24 cm


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