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Stuffed animals street action

With Astrid Jacomme, Nuria Llorca and José Luis Tercero


Photos by Astrid Jacomme

Between 2017 and 2018, almost all my work had to do with the use of stuffed animals as raw materials, their transformation, destruction and recomposition.

Like other objects previously, stuffed animals represented for me at the time the symbol of consumer society fused with a pop aesthetic representative of mechanisms of infantilization also typical of our contemporary society.

Beyond the sculptural work, I came up with a provocative action, a kind of parody of street art, which consisted of sticking stuffed animals on the walls of the Born neighborhood in Barcelona at night with some friends disguised as "terrorists." Unfortunately, the action lasted only half an hour since we were reported and the police suddenly appeared with all their spectacular movie protocol. Still, after observing for a while with perplexity the material that they had made us throw in the middle of the street: backpacks full of stuffed animals, silicone “guns” and pink balaclavas, they let us go ...

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