Born in Saint Germain en Laye (France) in 1976

Living and working in Barcelona since 2006


2013 - 2016            Massana School, Barcelona, Spain

                              Degree of Fine arts (sculpture as a specialty)

2007 - 2013            Barcelona University (UB), Spain

                              Degree of Literature and Modern languages

2002 - 2004            The Technology Institute of Wood, Paris

                              Degree of Carpentry

1993 - 2000            Versailles Architecture School, France

                              Ph.D. in Architecture



Solo shows

2020          Woldt gallery, London                                 Stuffed animals – Sculptures and installations

                  @ The Exhibitionist Hotel                        

                  Alalimón gallery, Bcn                                  Shipwreck

                  @ Hotel Pol & Grace                                   Collaboration with The Over

2019          Alalimon gallery, Bcn                                  Shipwreck

2018          Esther Montoriol gallery, Bcn                       Eternal Monsters

                                                                                  With the collaboration of Montserrat Solà School 2nd grade pupils and Joan Fontcuberta

                  El Catascopio gallery, Bcn                          Wonderland

                  Mutuo gallery, Bcn                                     Eternal Monsters

2017          LaContra Creation Centre, Bcn                     Eternal monsters

                  Ateneu Fort Pienc Civic Centre, Bcn              Ephimeral constructions

                                                                                  Duo with  J.L. Tercero

2016          LaContra Creation Centre, Bcn                     Epilogue

2015          LafuturA gallery, Bcn                                   Rites and accumulations

                                                                                  Duo with  J.L. Tercero

2014          LafuturA gallery, Bcn                                  The end of childhood

2012          Ateneu Fort Pienc Civic Centre, Bcn              The invention of memory


Group exhibitions


2020         Alalimón gallery, Bcn                                   Art Photo Barcelona Fair

                 @ Arts Santa Mònica

                 Alalimón gallery, Bcn                                   JustLX Fair

                 @ LX Factory, Lisboa

                 Cultural Center El Casino, Manresa, Spain     XXVth drawing and engraving prize Joan Vilanova

                 Tres por cuatro gallery, Madrid                     Unpacking

2019         Esther Montoriol gallery, Bcn                        DelicARTessen 18

                 Tres por cuatro gallery, Madrid                     Imaginery Museum

                 Maritime Museum of Barcelona                     Drap-Art’19 festival

                 Esther Montoriol gallery, Bcn                        DelicARTessen 18

                 Neuer Pfaffenhofener Kunstverein, Germany   ¡Mira Barcelona!

                 Ideograma Foundation, Bcn                          Vibrant Matter

                 Tres por cuatro gallery, Madrid                     Highlights

                 Simon 100 Interactive showroom, Bcn           Windows Art Circuit

                 Tres por cuatro gallery, Madrid                     261

                 Mutuo gallery, Bcn                                      The Internet of animals

                 Espronceda Center for Art and Culture, Bcn   Cruixent

                 És-Fera 72 gallery, Sant Cugat, Spain           Fake Paradise

2018         Casa Clapés, Granollers, Spain                    #Spamdarts

                 Fine Arts Academy of Sabadell                     Sabadell Emergent Art prize

                 Dupressoir gallery, Bcn                                The Christmas palmtree

                 Esther Montoriol gallery, Bcn                        DelicARTessen 17

                 Torre del Baró Museum, Viladecans               VAC collective show

                 VAC, Viladecans, Spain                               Viladecans Art in stores

                 Tres por cuatro gallery, Madrid                     Small Print         

                 HUB Design Museum of Barcelona                The best design of the year

                 Dupressoir gallery, Bcn                                Summertime

                 L’Illa Shopping mall, Bcn                              Unknown art show

                 Faculty of philology, UB                               Otherings

                                                                                  EASA Biennal Conference “Nationalism old and new”

2017         Galería Esther Montoriol, Bcn                       DelicARTessen 16

                 LaContra Creation Center, Bcn                      Dadivan V

                 MGA’17, Manlleu, Spain                             Art in display

                 Caótica Cultural Space, Sevilla Spain            Horny - Opening exhibition

                 Konvent Puntzero, Cal Rosal, Spain               House taken over

                 Museum of Engraving to digital print,            VIII Atlante engraving price

                 Artes-Ribeira, Spain

                 És-Fera 72 gallery, Sant Cugat, Spain           MisMos Mitos

                 Espai VolArt, Vila Casas Foundation, Bcn      LV international drawing contest Ynglada-Guillot Foundation

2016         El Catascopio gallery, Bcn                           Prêt à Port-art

                 Esther Montoriol gallery, Bcn                       DelicARTessen 15

                 Hell Gallery, Bcn                                        Black Friday

                 History museum of Sant Feliu de Guíxols       Context

                 LaContra Creation Centre, Bcn                     What are you hiding from?

2015         Esther Montoriol gallery, Bcn                       DelicARTessen 14

                 Llotja del Tint, Banyoles                               LafuturA extramurs

                 El Sortidor Civic Center, Bcn                        The hanging chair

                 Cultural Center of Terrassa, Spain                14th BBVA painting prize Ricard Camí

                 Can Mario Museum, Vila Casas Foundation, Sculpture prize 2015

                 Palafrugell, Spain

                 Limited Editions gallery, Bcn                        Wave

                 LafuturA gallery, Bcn                                   In between canvas

2014         LafuturA gallery, Bcn                                   Le Salon II

                 LaContra Creation Center, Bcn                     Behind

                 Terrissa Museum, Quart                              2nd seminary of black ceramic

                 and La Capella, Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Spain

2013         LafuturA gallery, Bcn                                  Le Salon

                 Olivart gallery, Bcn                                    Small format



2020         Selection. XXVth drawing and engraving prize Joan Vilanova

2018         Selection. 4th Sabadell Emergent Art prize

                 Selection. ArtsFAD prize

2017         Selection. VIII Atlante engraving prize

                 Selection. 15th BBVA painting prize Ricard Camí

                 Selection. LV international drawing contest Ynglada-Guillot Foundation

2015         Selection. 14th BBVA painting prize Ricard Camí

                 Selection. Sculpture prize Vila Casas Foundation

Workshops/ Master classes/

Pedagogical projects


2020         MAU Mostra d’Art Urbà,                             Project with the Xics Castellers

                 Roca Umbert, Granollers, Spain

                 Alalimón gallery, Bcn                                  “Nature Lab” workshop

2019         Montserrat Solà Primary School,                   Trimester project "Plastic Sea" with 4th grade pupils

                 Mataró, Spain

                 Roca Umbert Art Space, Granollers, Spain    "Nature Lab" workshop

                 Montserrat Solà Primary School,                   "Shipwreck III"

                 Mataró, Spain                                            Public action with the entire school in the context of the Global climate strike

                 Ideograma Foundation, Bcn                         Round table “Collaborative experiences in the artistic creation”

                                                                                 With Anna María Guasch (UB), Olga Sureda (Nectar), Andrea Coll (Koyac),

                                                                                 Gabriela Berti (Ideograma Foundation), Nathalie Rey (artist)

                 Neuer Pfaffenhofener Kunstverein, Germany  "Gutting stuffed animals" workshop

2018         Esther Montoriol gallery, Bcn                       Photographic action "Shipwreck III"

                                                                                 With pupils from Montserrat Solà’s school

                 El Catascopio gallery, Bcn                           "Fabrication of monsters" workshop

                 Montserrat Solà Primary School,                   Trimester project "Eternal Monsters" with 2nd grade pupils

                 Mataró, Spain

                 Casa Aymat,                                              Master class "Story of a shipwreck; origins of an artistic process"

                 Contemporary Tapestry Museum

                 Sant Cugat del Vallés, Spain

                 and El Visor Art Academy, Bcn

                 Mutuo gallery, Bcn                                     "Gutting stuffed animals" workshop

2017         El Catascopio gallery, Bcn                          "Gutting stuffed animals" workshop




2019         AADK Aktuelle Architektur der Kultur,            "Plastic Sea"

                 Negra Center, Blanca, Spain

                 Roca Umbert Art Space, Granollers, Spain    "Shipwreck III"

                 Nectar, Les Guilleries Natural Park, Spain     "Shipwreck III" and "Plastic Sea"

2018         Studios-ID, Berlin, Germany                         "BB project"

                 Roca Umbert Art Space, Granollers, Spain    Last step of the "Eternal Monsters" project

Cel. +34 671570698

Barcelona, Spain

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