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Liquidació per Tancament, an immersive multimedia installation, is thematically connected to the writings of Jorge Luis Borges, in particular his concerns with the disordered nature of space and time and the borders that exist between reality and fiction, violence and innocence, and order and chaos. Rey offers us here a labyrinthine set of signs of a premonitory nature that anticipate the apocalypse. The project arose from a conversation with the artist Enric Maurí, who told her about some automated bears that he had seen in a shop window with the sign “Clearance sale”. She wants to incorporate them into her work, but in the end it is not possible to get them and the thing ends with the search for a small teddy bear in another place. Rey documents the conversations on WhatsApp and the images that are exchanged between them, along with a series of comments about other artistic works that they have in hand and everyday things that appear in the conversation. From here on, the project expands in a haphazard and providential way, and finally Rey decides to complete it with a series of photographs of stores that have closed during the pandemic, with the collaboration of José Luis Tercero; another photographic series by Ricardo Portero; and an apocalyptic Christmas story, which she expressly requests Marcelo Laugelli to complete. This literary typology reinforces the anticipatory and visionary nature of the fictional events narrated by Rey, which are closely related to popular culture and myths and legends.

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