“Liquidació per tancament” [Clearance sale] (2021), is a set of works with immersive profile in relation to the Borgian clichés such as the disruption of the concepts of space and time, reality and fiction, violence and innocence, or order and chaos. Rey offers us a labyrinthine set of premonitory signs that anticipate the apocalypse.

The project arises from a conversation with the artist Enric Maurí, who tells her about some automaton bears in a shop window, and the image in the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia a couple of days later of the same store with the sign “Clearance sale”. It occurs then to Rey to incorporate the automaton into her work, but in the end it is not possible to get them because the store is not closing down and the photograph happens not to be current. The project originates in this mismatch.

Then arises the possibility of getting a small teddy bear in another store. Rey documents the conversations on Whatsapp and the images exchanged with Maurí about the store with the automaton bears and the search for the little stuffed animal, along with comments on other artistic works they share and the day to day routine. From there, the project expands randomly and providentially, and finally Rey decides to complete it with a series of photographs of the automaton, taken by Ricardo Portero; of stores that closed down during the pandemic, with the collaboration of José Luis Tercero; and an apocalyptic Christmas tale, which she specifically ordered to the writer Marcelo Laugelli. The literary typology of the story reinforces the anticipatory and visionary character of the fictional events it narrates, closely related to popular culture and myths and legends.

It is worth noting that the way this project has been generated is usual in Nathalie’s work; although she undertakes her own searches, she often incorporates objects, images and situations that friends, artists or not, share with her because they think they may be of interest to her. These elements accumulate and sometimes generate connections or contrasts - a click – as she says, which propel the articulation of a new project.

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